Upper Kitchen

The Upper Kitchen is a galley-style kitchen located on the third floor.  This kitchen was outfitted with appliances shortly after the Hermans arrived in 2014 to accommodate their family. 


Tannon and Cristina hope to be able to renovate this space to expand the size of their kitchen and extend it into the living room.  With their growing family of 4, and everyone wanting to be in the kitchen together, they have designed a better layout to suit their needs.  After receiving a good amount of money (from our amazing parents!) to start this project they hope to raise the rest of the money in 2019.  See the picture below to view the design for their new kitchen!

FEATURED GOAL: Raise $6000 more to cover the cost of renovating the kitchen.
*Already have $9000 towards the project costs.

NEEDS: Any skilled laborers (contractors, plumbing & electric work, etc) who would be willing to donate work to complete this project would be greatly appreciated!
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