Yellow Bedroom

The Yellow Bedroom is located on the third floor and is currently used as a guest room.  Featuring yellow accent colors, it signifies hope and the power it carries throughout the Mansion as a foundation to all that we do in this neighborhood.  It is adjacent to the Blue Room and has a bathroom in between them.  

FEATURED: Monthly Support for Wildheart Ministries

Wildheart Ministries is in need of monthly supporters who believe in the vision of seeing this neighborhood restored!  Having monthly supporters will enable Wildheart to cover basic costs to run this ministry so that we can focus on investing more money into the projects and people right in front of us! With your help we can see the kingdom invade this neighborhood in a practical way and give hope to the hopeless.  This also helps us extend our ministry into being able to take this vision to inner cities across the US and to the nations.  

FEATURED GOAL: $5000 per month