Main Kitchen

The Kitchen is the center of life in Mansion! Life is done around the kitchen.  And lets face it, the kitchen is the face of the home.  Thanks to the generous support of our donors and 8 plus weeks of our staff renovating full time, we were able to do a much needed renovation! We took down a couple walls and completely opened up the kitchen extending it into the dining room.  During our block parties we feed hundreds of our neighbors, and our old kitchen made it very difficult to use the kitchen well because of all the walls, without alot of room to walk in and out of with large groups of people.  A special thanks to Chris Smucker, Matt Baker, Eric Brenize and Elias Hornberger for all their help in making this kitchen happen!!  They all invested hours of time at no cost and are the real heroes!  A special thanks to all our staff who became Ikea cabinet experts overnight, learned to use all kinds of tools and really did an amazing job! We literally built almost all of it ourselves minus electric, plumbing and some drywall.  Make sure to check out some before as well as after pictures below! 

FEATURED: Kitchen Renovation

Custom Arch Windows for two windows in the kitchen -$1000