Female Staff Bedroom

The female staff bedroom is located on the second floor of the mansion adjacent to the Gold Room.  Staff members, Joanna Yoder and Serena Viera currently stay in this bedroom.  


Joanna is a joyful, hardworking individual. She loves to network and connect with people. She is very detail-oriented, friendly, and inquisitive. A woman of many talents, on any given day you might find her building shelves, typing a blog, baking bread, or meeting with worship leaders. Her primary roles consist of bookkeeping, admissions, general administration for Wildheart, and hospitality. In her free time, she likes to write poetry and blog posts, play piano, explore nature and read books.

Serena is best known for her passion for fun, art and people. She embodies the phrase of "leave it better than how you found it" whether that's people, places or things. You could say she has a "Midas' touch" of sorts. Never dreaming of being in this environment, her heart has been captured by the story of God's love in Allison Hill, and you can hear her singing her heart out over the neighborhood throughout the week. Her Roles as Staff Member include graphic designer, Mondays at the Mansion Director, Administrative Assistant and Events Coordinator. 

FEATURED GOAL: Raise $500/month per staff member or $6000 to cover the entire year!