Living Room

Every week people gather from across the region along with neighbors in our living room to worship Jesus over Allison Hill and lift Him up! This is a gathering place, a place where we share our hearts, we encounter God and learn more about Him.  It is also where meetings are held and life is shared.  The living room in the Mansion with its majestic fireplace and huge gathering space is very iconic and memorable.     

FEATURED: Love the Hill Summer Project
Every summer we devote eight weeks to a specific target area of Allison Hill to remove trash and illegal dumpsites, install crime preventative measures, and beautify through gardening/landscaping projects. Over the years, dozens and teams and hundreds of people join us from all over the nation each week to work alongside local volunteers and residents to Love the Hill. This is perhaps one of our favorite things we steward here at The Mansion. Our Summer Project will be hosted from June 9th - August 3rd, 2019.

FEATURED GOAL: Raise $39,000 to cover this year's Summer Project!
Landscaping Supplies (L) = $14,000
Prevention Measures (PM) = $12,000
Trash Removal (T)= $7,000
Painting Houses (P)= $5,000
Mural Installations (M)= $1400

VOLUNTEER GOAL: 350 total volunteers (click here to sign up to volunteer)
8 Teams committed to staying 1 week for Summer Project (click here to fill out an application)
8 groups to adopt-a-block Saturdays
15 Skilled workers (contractors, landscapers)
15 Artists to paint murals 
100 Individual volunteers