Gold Bedroom

The Gold Bedroom is located on the corner of the second floor and is perhaps the biggest room in the Mansion. It has a beautiful fireplace.  This room is where we hope to host some of our Love the Hill Summer Project Interns! 

FEATURED: Love the Hill Internship
Do you believe that our light can outshine the darkness? Would you love to be part of a community of people transforming their neighborhood through picking up trash, serving, and loving on the people in the poorest neighborhood in Harrisburg? Would you love to live in a mansion full of people who passionately walk out the 1st commandment along with the 2nd through practical expressions of love and extravagant times of worship? The heart of the Love the Hill program is to learn to live out the Kingdom through serving and living in community.  This is two months full of lots of work and lots of fun. This is a practical approach to evangelism in the context of serving and living right in the midst of those you are reaching out to. It is also a chance to grow in your own personal life while intentionally training and developing leadership skills to further impact the neighborhood of Allison Hill. 

FEATURED GOAL: 3 Scholarships for Love the Hill Interns ($3000 total)
You have the opportunity to provide for the food, lodging, and equipment necessary for our laborers that will be an integral part of making Allison Hill beautiful during our Summer Project! Our Love the Hill interns pay $500 a month or $1,000 for the whole internship. Go to the bottom of this page and sponsor an intern today! 

VOLUNTEER GOAL: 10 full time Interns  
We are looking for ten people to become a part of our team! If you have a passion for making things beautiful, developing leaderships skills, and serving Allison Hill this is for you! Click Here to fill out an application today!