"Mighty Lion of Praise" Bedroom

Located on the corner of the second floor, the Aslan Bedroom is named after Aslan Moist.  Aslan means "Mighty Lion of Praise". We are truly grateful for all our donors who helped us purchase the Mansion last year.  Benjamin Countz, one of our staff members currently stays in this room and is hoping to have another guy intern join him in the near future.  


Currently serving as the Outreach Director in Harrisburg, PA, Ben has a passion and zeal that is unmatched by many, and most that know him will tell you that it's straight from God. They will also tell you that he is a "giant goofball". Along with being wild, he is also extremely fun and deeply sensitive to the heart of God. Benjamin loves the power of God and activating believers to walk in it, as well as changing atmospheres through worship and prayer. He also has a passion for coffee and is employed by Pure Bean to roast and sell coffee. On the side, he loves to create whether it’s working with wood or writing a new song.

FEATURE GOAL: $500 in monthly support or $6000 to cover the whole year