"Peace & Fire" Bedroom

This is the "Peace & Fire" Bedroom named after Olive Moist.  Olive means "Peace & Fire".  We are truly grateful for all our donors who helped us purchase the Mansion last year. It is located on the second floor and currently houses female interns.  Kiersten Staley currently serves as a Wildheart Intern and stays in this room.    

FEATURED: Wildheart Internship
Wildheart Ministries has various aspects to being the hands and feet of Jesus in Allison Hill. Much of Wildheart’s activities cannot be completed without the hard work and talents of obedient, Jesus-loving interns. Wildheart interns move into the Mansion and become a part of covenant community. They get to use their God-given gifts in unique ways in the ministry anywhere from creating compelling update videos or spear-heading our urban garden initiative. Our internship allows people to become an active giver of hope and love to neighbors in Allison Hill while they develop their leadership skills, creativity, and gifts. The Wildheart internship begins in March and ends in December. Interns are able to either be full time or part time.
Program Requirements: 20 hours a week, All day monday including MATM, Sunday night, Prayer 8-9 am Mon-Thurs, Saturday Community Clean Up Days, Work Hours (Mon-Thurs hours can be flexible) where you will help with various projects especially preparing for Summer Project. *We do allow and encourage our interns to have a part time job and we are able to be flexible with what days and times you are able to commit outside of Sunday night, Mondays, Saturdays and morning prayer times.

Dates: March 12- December 21st ( Jan-Feb start date open as well)
Cost: $375/month for program fees that includes housing, utilities, laundry facility, internet and one family dinner per week.  Also can pay upfront for the year $3500 ($250 off) total cost.

VOLUNTEER GOAL: 6 Wildheart Interns

Do you feel God tugging on your heart to serve with a team of people with the vision of building Jesus a throne through city transformation? Then this is for you! We value individuals with a wide range of perspectives and skill sets with the heart posture of always saying “yes” to Jesus. Fill out our sign up sheet with your name and email to receive more info and start the conversation if this is the right fit for you.

FEATURED GOAL: 1 Wildheart Intern Scholarship ($4200)
Our Wildheart interns work tirelessly to complete projects and often have little to no time to work in order to pay for their expenses. You have the opportunity to provide for an individual that has said yes to what Jesus is doing in Allison Hill! Our Wildheart interns pay $375 monthly or $4200 upfront for tuition fees. Select a dollar amount below to sponsor a month or the whole internship.  You can also specifically designate to support our current intern Kiersten Staley.