Entertainment Room

The entertainment Room is where everyone gets to chill and relax.  Its a place to hang out and have fun with the Mansion family.  We are so thankful to the generosity of donors like the Vera Family who gave us a wonderful tv to enjoy! 

FEATURED: Adopt-A-House
This is your official invitation to “Adopt a House”! Adopting a house is a unique way you can get involved with our yearly Summer Project which is focused on beautifying South Allison Hill. We have about 300 homes in our target area for 2019 and this home happens to be one of them! By adopting this house you will in essence be paying for a team of people to do at least one of the following: Removal of trash, Custom Built Planter Box, Mulch or Plant Grass Seed where applicable and Minor Repairs to the property.

Planter Boxes: The average cost to build a custom planter box is $100. It is our goal for every house in our 2019 Target Area to have a Custom built Love the Hill Planter Box.  This would include flowers, soil, and supplies to build.

Landscaping/ Trash Removal: This would include the cost to add mulch and grass seed for this individual lot and the removal of any minor/major trash. 

Paint/ Porch Repair: We want to relieve the burden for families who can’t afford the cost for cosmetic repair by bringing in the resources and laborers for free.

FEATURED GOAL: 300 homes adopted at $125 each