Herman Bedroom

The Herman Bedroom is located on the third floor. This bedroom features a "Narnia" old wooden closet that used to be the coat closet for the Mansion when there was a ballroom located across the hall from it.  Tannon & Cristina moved across the hallway when they had their second child, Ester in order to make room for her.  


Tannon and Cristina Herman serve as the Directors of Wildheart Ministries.  They have been privileged to serve in ministry for over 10 years leading multiple discipleship schools, missions trips and training initiatives for young adults. In 2014, the Hermans moved into"The Mansion" located within Harrisburg’s most impoverished neighborhood, Allison Hill. They are crazy enough to believe that it is possible to rebuild, restore and revive this neighborhood and see it thrive once again!   The Hermans are passionate about discipling a generation in authentic community to see cities transformed by the radical Love of God. With a heart and long term investment in missions to the US and abroad, they believe in taking this message of city transformation to the ends of the earth! Tannon and Cristina currently live in the Mansion with their two young daughters Mila and Ester.  Although the Hermans receive a monthly stipend from Wildheart Ministries, they are supported primarily through financial backing from others. Funding the Hermans will enable them to focus more fully on their roles in running the ministry as well as give them the capacity to grow and expand the vision.

FEATURED GOAL: $1000 in monthly support