"Life of a Beautiful Bird" Bedroom

This is the "Life of a Beautiful Bird" Bedroom named after Eva Moist.  Eva means "Beautiful Bird".  We are truly grateful for all our donors who helped us purchase the Mansion last year. It is located on end of the second floor where we plan to host summer project teams this summer.  This room is where you and your team could stay.  Set up with multiple bunk beds and ready to go, this room shows why we have such a big house- to host LOTS of people who want to come join us in transforming this neighborhood! 

FEATURED: Bring a TEAM this Summer!!!
Do you have a youth group or young adults team that wants to go on a local mission trip this summer?? Then we have a great opportunity for you! We are looking to host teams throughout this summer from June 9th - August 3rd for a week at a time. Click here to fill out an application! 

What to Expect:
Most mornings and afternoons we’ll be out in the neighborhood working on specific projects for that week which will include trash clean up, landscaping, gardening and/or porch/house repairs. We’ll also include some inspirational teaching on city transformation and how you can be a part of it. In the evening, we’ll do different activities including “Mondays at the Mansion,” evangelism, worship and prayer in the yard, and helping Youth Works with their weekly free cookout for the neighborhood.

Typical Schedule:

Cost:$350 per person (up to 32 people)

Cost includes the following: lodging, food (3 meals a day) for 6 days, official Love the Hill t-shirts and supplies needed for the projects that week.

Volunteer Goal: Recruit 8 Teams of 10 to commit for 1 week each!