Pure Bean Coffee Roastery

In April of 2018, Pure Bean Harrisburg began operating out of the basement of the Mansion.   Pure Bean Harrisburg was birthed out of the heart to not only make great, fresh, quality coffee that could not only be enjoyed but help make a difference in the heart of Harrisburg, Allison Hill.  Located in the heart of the Hill, Pure Bean Harrisburg exists to inspire, empower and resource both our neighbors and the world to go out and be the change where you are. Ten percent of each bag of coffee sold goes directly to Wildheart Ministry to Love the Hill.  Tannon & Cristina Herman are the owners and operators of Pure Bean Harrisburg.  This business directly helps support them as well as their employee and staff member for Wildheart Ministries Ben Countz.  Their hope in starting this is to create alternate sources of revenue to flow into the ministry as well as to be able to support their family and staff members at Wildheart.   

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Pure Bean Harrisburg has 5 origins of coffee with multiple roast levels: Ethiopia, Sumatra, Mexico, Columbia, and Papa New Guinea.  They offer fair trade and organic coffee that is small batch air roasted to order right from the Mansion. Their featured blend is called the Love the Hill blend which features a blend of 3 regions in quantities that represent the neighborhood of Allison Hill.  Currently Pure Bean has a special blend just for the Holidays called the Christmas Blend!