...where it all began...

Wildheart Ministries began as a seed sown into Tannon and Cristina's heart years ago when they attended a discipleship program called Burning Ones, led by David Fritch. It was there they both began to dream for a generation to radically encounter the love of God both directly and through other believers. They spent nearly a decade working alongside David in Shawnee, OK in preparation for what would ultimately become the stewardship of an entire community in Harrisburg, PA. Their hearts have been linked to the vision of Burn 24-7 (Sean Feucht) to see worship and prayer invade the nations of the earth, and because of that have helped to develop training schools, missions teams and strategies which send groups out every year. 

Tannon and Cristina made a crazy, faith-filled decision to move into Allison Hill, one of Harrisburg's most needy neighborhoods, and raise their family as they led a community into revival culture. Over the years, the dreams of their hearts have been both expanding and being refined as they feel an immense call to minister the love of Jesus both to the believer and the non-believer. 

We chose the name Wildheart Ministries because we feel it perfectly encompasses who we are and what we do. "Wild" because if there's anything you'll experience by being around us it's that we love a good adventure, we're radically determined to follow the Lord and we are completely undone by the freedom we have in Jesus Christ. "Heart" because in everything we do, we value the process of growing and maturing in our expressions of God and self. Our lives are committed to saying "YES" to the wild heart of God!