Mission & Vision

The mission of Wildheart is building bridges to transform communities. 
We do this through honor, hope and sustainability.  Our vision is to see every city empowered! 
We want to leave a legacy of significance for everyone involved - from our donors & volunteers
to every person being impacted through our services.  

Wildheart is located in the heart of Allison Hill, an impoverished neighborhood in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Standing on years of history in ministry to the community, we have taken over a historic mansion that stands out among the ruins of our city. Hope, honor and sustainability have become the values that have catalyzed a transformative community of believers who have committed themselves to empowering others to pioneer love in their own cities and nations. Locally, we have an initiative called “Love The Hill” which is focused on restoring and beautifying The Hill, while empowering its residents to break the chains and cycle of poverty. We provide service and sponsorship opportunities for anyone who desires to impact their communities with the life-changing power of the simple Gospel.