Stories From Home: Inspirational Writings, Poetry and Artwork


What does it look like to transform a community? What does it look like to establish a home? What does it look like to go all in, no matter the cost? What does it look like to persevere when it seems all hope is lost?

Stories from Home is a collective journey of personal history shared by members of the Wildheart community in their own process of finding their place in Allison Hill. These short stories, poems, and artworks are meant to inspire you to establish roots in your own city and dream for how God can use you to write His story of redemption where you live. Learn from the stories of our neighbors in their resilience to persevere in the most difficult situations, be infused with enduring hope to never give up for the promise of a better future and dare to believe for solutions to the gravest of circumstances in your community. Let those words and creativity activate you to take your place in changing the course of history. History is waiting on you, what you will you do?