Allison Hill Teen Internship

Our teen internship program was started in summer of 2020 as part of our Love the Hill Summer Project.  The heart of this program is specifically to develop future leaders of Allison Hill. Teens are given a paid opportunity to serve their community while learning valuable skills for their future in the workforce. This program directly provides food security, workforce development training and an income for the teens throughout the summer program (8 weeks). Each teen will learn necessary workforce skills such as punctuality, work ethic, healthy communication, management of responsibility and building trust with authority. This program also helps the families as a whole by providing additional income and meals for the children that otherwise would not be covered.  The skills teens will learn through our program will help them develop into the future leaders of our community.

  • 100% of our teen interns gained a more hopeful /positive outlook on the future of Allison hill and about their own future 
  • 100% of our teen interns felt more prepared for a future work environment 
  • 100% of our teen interns felt like they grew in one or more of these areas: responsibility, communication, conflict resolution, work ethic and time management.
  • 82% of our teen interns felt empowered to be the solution for change in our neighborhood 

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