Yearly Internships

Yearly Internships

Do you believe that our light can outshine the darkness? Would you love to be part of a community of people transforming their neighborhood through simple yet profound acts of love and kindness? Would you love to live in a mansion full of people who are passionately pursuing their faith and exploring their future? 

The heart of the Love the Hill internship is to give interns an opportunity to apply their faith through serving, working, and living in community. This is a two-month practicum designed to push you to your limits in serving others as well as learning to enjoy the moment! This practical approach to neighborhood transformation takes place within the neighborhood you serve day in and day out. This is an amazing chance to grow in your own personal life while being trained and developing leadership skills to take what you've learned to your own neighborhood. The objectives of the Love the Hill Summer Internship are to experience:

  • A deepening of your faith and its application to real-life impact
  • A lifestyle of prayer and justice
  • Community-living as a means for personal wholeness
  • Growth in vulnerability, conflict resolution and self-leadership development
  • Hands-on service to the marginalized and vulnerable living within Allison Hill
  • Life at The Mansion and an immersion into our culture and values

Summer Program Description: The basic schedule for the internship will be working and leading volunteer teams out in the neighborhood from 9am-4pm Monday-Thursday and Saturday. Each evening we'll end with a time of worship and prayer out in the yard or going out on the streets to evangelize. You'll be expected to be a part of at least 3 of these evenings a week. Friday will be a free day and Sunday will be free until family dinner around 6 pm where we will regroup for the following week. The basic work day will include leading teams, working with them on the specific block for the week, and getting to know the neighbors.

Spring and Fall Program Description: The basic schedule for the internship will include administrating and preparing for block parties/summer project as well as maintaining and doing beautification projects in our neighborhood. The schedule is 8am-5pm Monday-Thursday and 9am-3pm on Saturdays. Fridays are free and Sundays are free until "family dinner" around 6pm where we will connect as a team and regroup for the following week.

*The cost for the summer program will cover lodging, supplies, and food for lunch and dinner Monday-Thursday and Saturday, as well as Sunday night. The rest of the meals (all breakfasts, all day Friday, and lunch Sunday) will be on your own.

*The cost for the spring and fall program will cover lodging, supplies, and food for Sunday night.  The rest of the meals will be on your own.