Leadership Intensive

Leadership Intensive

Are you looking for a place to be surrounded by a community who challenges you to grow and encourages you to develop your character? Are you looking for tools that will help you be the best version of yourself wherever you go? Are you wanting to transform your community? What if you could carry the seed of HOPE to your city to influence the culture??  

Next spring we are offering a 3-month hands-on intensive for young adults 18-30 years old ending with a 2-month practicum where you get to help with the Summer Project. The total program runs from March 15th-August 8th. You get the opportunity to live in a 110-yr old Mansion in the middle of Allison Hill - the neighborhood you will be working in and serving - and the amazing potential to follow up with the people you will be impacting on a daily basis.

During the first three months you can expect to have daily times of teaching and worship in the morning followed by hands-on service and application in the afternoon. This will be a time that is more focused on your personal growth. You can expect periodic one-on-one mentoring, classroom-style lessons throughout the week, investment into the community through service, administration and other practical expressions of love, hosting occasional teams of youth and young adults, and being a part of the Mansion family.

The heart behind the final two-months of the intensive is to give students an opportunity to apply their faith through serving, working, and living in community. This is a practicum designed to push you to your limits in serving others as well as learning to enjoy the moment! This practical approach to neighborhood transformation takes place within the neighborhood you serve day in and day out. This is an amazing chance to grow in your own personal life while being trained and developing leadership skills to take what you've learned to your own neighborhood. 

Early Bird Application Deadline ($50 off): December 15th

Application Deadline: January 15th

*The cost will cover lodging, supplies, and most meals.