Spring Block Party 2019

Spring Block Party 2019

Talking to our neighbor Gloria a few weeks ago, we found out one of her favorite things Wildheart does in the community is hosting our seasonal block parties. She brings her children and grandchildren and loves seeing the community “in one accord.” It’s true—there was such a sense of safety, appreciation, and belonging at the Spring Block Party last Saturday. Not every day on Allison Hill is as beautiful as that day, but our prayer is that these are the days people remember. On these days, we see glimpses of heaven touching earth, like the twinkle of joy in a child’s eyes.

One of the aspects I love about the Kingdom of God is that we don’t have to be good at everything. Isn’t that good news?! God places us in family—the “Body of Christ”—so that we can share in one another’s strengths and cover each other’s weaknesses. This was especially evident at the block party.

I have never been great at hosting, but I celebrate my friend, Serena, who is truly phenomenal at it! She loves making things beautiful, making people feel welcome, and making sure things run smoothly. The Wildheart Crew all did such a wonderful job! There were activities for the kids, face paint, balloon animals, hot dogs, hamburgers, cupcakes, cotton candy, a D.J., live music, and plenty of volunteers. From set up to cleanup, each person’s role was so incredibly important! It required every person working together to create such a beautiful, memorable experience for our community!

To the moms, dads, grandparents, working people, retired people, college students, grade school students: you might not think you have a lot to offer, but everyone has something to give. Maybe you’re good at gardening like our friend, Tina, or at planning children’s activities, like Mrs. Debbie. Maybe you’re a D.J. like our buddy, Daniel, or a grill master, like Mr. Weimer. Maybe you like taking care of the practical things like food prep, service, cleanup, and tear down, like Cindy, Katie, and Ezra. Maybe you’re an artist like Stephanie and can paint puppy dogs or butterflies or Spider Man on kid’s faces. Whatever your talent—God can use it to make His glory shine brightly.

To all of our volunteers, a huge THANK YOU for lending your time and your talents and for making the Spring Block Party 2019 such a fun day to remember! To our supporters, thank you for providing the grill that enabled us to feed the multitudes! There is no community without unity, and each of your contributions is invaluable! Thank you for being the body of Christ. Thank you for loving the city on the Hill Heart

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