Allison Hill: God's Golden Egg

Where do I even start?! This past Easter Sunday was so full of life! Children from all over our neighborhood gathered in our yard to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. We had all sorts of games and prizes for them to enjoy, from a Donut eating competition, face painting, a pie eating contest and finished it all off with a massive Easter Egg hunt! Just getting to see the smiles, laughter and true authentic happiness these young kids possessed provoked something deeper than we thought would happen in our hearts. We were finally beginning to see what we had hoped for in this neighborhood. Not just for kids to have a great time, but for kids to experience the TRUE joy and love of the Father’s heart. And that’s exactly what happened. There were two beautiful children that dedicated their life to Jesus that day and we know that’s just the beginning of what God is doing here. Just since Easter Sunday we have had people come to our Yard at leisure and just sit in the grass and soak in the peace and restful atmosphere that God has been creating here. This is the vision that God has given us come to life! The dream of our hearts have been that our neighbors feel like family. Not like we’re the Christians who live in the mansion and only approach you to pray for you. NO! We want relationship and actual deep connection with the souls in Allison Hill. And all from the the eagerness to give out the love that God has poured out on us, we are finally beginning to see the breakthrough that we have been eagerly praying and patiently waiting for in this neighborhood. We have the pleasure to see just a small glimpse of what God is doing in this little city of big hearts.

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