Burn Wagon Summer Project

Do you have a heart for seeing worship, prayer and evangelism completely transform cities? For the first time in it's 11 years the Burn Wagon will be hosting an experience in one location for three weeks. The Burn Wagon has always been and always will be so much more than just a missions trip. Rather, it is the expression of the cry of our generation to see Jesus enthroned upon the cities and nations of the earth. We want to invite those who have a call to city transformation to come and experience first hand what it's like to see an entire city engulfed in worship, prayer and the supernatural. We want to impart the true heart of what the Burn Wagon is so that others who come along can carry the flame back into their cities. We believe that what God wants to do in our nation is so much bigger than just revival but true city transformation. Be a part of something big this July, experience true transformation here in Harrisburg, PA and be equipped to do the same in the cities of the world.