Time to Live Devotional (Tannon & Cristina Herman)


Time to Live is a compilation of raw, personal and vulnerable stories shared by alumni of Wildheart Ministries' discipleship intensive, School of the Heart. These stories have been put together as a memoir of our daily journey to live with hearts wide open, diligently seeking the fullness of life in every moment we've been given. Each page contains deeply personal experiences where individuals have struggled, wrestled and learned to trust God, love those around them and provoke others to do the same.

These short, but potent writings come straight from the heart, beckoning your own heart to be awakened. We think you'll find these easy-to-read testimonies refreshing as you immediately connect with the writers' thoughts and discover your own journey in them. Regardless of the topic you find yourself reading, each devotional contains an invitation to personalize the material and engage it wholeheartedly in your daily life.

Don't let life pass you by, wondering if you have what it takes. It is...TIME TO LIVE!