Core Elements

School of the Heart is a unique discipleship experience that is designed to impact and affect the whole person - mind, body and spirit. Our approach to the Bible is understanding that God has invited us into a new way of life in the Kingdom, so in that regard, we look for how we can interact with the revelation of the Word in all areas of our lives. Below is a list of some of elements of the program:

Our world is inundated with noise, stimulation, distraction - all ploys for our attention and focus. Somehow we've learned to survive in these conditions by either numbing ourselves to constant demand or giving in completely to the distraction. We know that in all of this, the Lord's voice is speaking and calling us to come away. Sometimes, we just have a hard time hearing Him. Students will begin each week exploring ways to connect with God on His terms. This means learning to quiet your mind and soul and finding God in the stillness of the moment. It requires risk and vulnerability and pressing through the frustration of silence and void, but it is SO worth it!

Over and over we are instructed in the word to "remember and recall" those things which the Lord has done - not only for us but for all those who love Him. We feel that this invitation is paramount to stewarding a fervent heart for the Lord in all seasons of life.  Students will take time to thoroughly digest their experiences during the school through journaling and video as they capture the stories of their journey.

Everyone is looking for a "fresh" encounter with God, but not everyone is willing to take a risk doing what it might take for that to happen. One of the most vulnerable things we can do is openly and creatively express the very depths of our hearts - let the eye see what only the heart can know. It is in these moments that students learn to bring their inner world into the light of the seen realm and create a visual history with their Creator. Students will explore these avenues of expression in areas like dance, photography, songwriting and much more.

You can learn a lot from listening to another person, but you can learn even more when everything they've said comes to life. During the week students will have classes ranging from growing in biblical knowledge and revelation to discovering who God has made them to be. Each of these times have been specifically designed to provoke learning that goes beyond knowledge and into a memorable experience. Our teaching philosophy is simple - make memories, they'll serve you for a lifetime.

So many things can happen in such a short amount of time when you are constantly navigating the waters of your heart while surrounded by dozens of other people! So many questions come up, so many issues arise, so many discoveries are made. Because of this, we have purposed a time specifically to address the relevant needs of the group throughout the program. We know that a program isn't what brings change in the human heart, but its the ebb and flow of living in relationship with God and others.

Have you ever experienced something so deeply that you left feeling either at a total loss of what to do OR completely undone by what just happened?  This is just real life sometimes, and it's for these very reasons that we create a time for students to meet with coaches and counselors to allow them to process their experience - whether it's determining the next steps forward or cleaning up the burdens of the past. We are grateful to offer such an invaluable resource to each and every student.

The best test of learning is to become the teacher! Every student will have a hands-on opportunity to share their experiences with others throughout the school. Sometimes it looks like sitting with a neighbor and comforting them in a hard time, serving someone by cleaning up their property or giving away food to those in need. In all of these things, we feel that it creates an opportunity for us to transform knowledge into authority and revelation. These are the moments where the Kingdom of Heaven is most clearly seen - loving others!

So much can happen in the presence of God. In fact, we believe this so much that we have made plenty of space for students to engage in worship and prayer throughout every week, in teams and as individuals. For years we have witnessed the most radical moments of transformation happen outside of sit downs, teaching and other activities. It is in the presence of God that we learn the most, do the most and become the most.

Sometimes you just need to talk. Sometimes you just need to listen. And other times you just need to cut loose and have some fun! This is the place for that to happen - small group! It is during these times in the week that students will have the opportunity to process what they're experiencing as well as take a break from the intensity of their journey and chill out. This is where relationships are forged that will last you a lifetime.