The "Nitty Gritty" of the Mansion

If you’re viewing this page, it’s because you’ve requested some additional information regarding our campaign to #BuyTheMansion. In an attempt to answer some basic questions not directly addressed through our promotional video or campaign page, we have provided some answers to the most common questions we have received throughout the campaign. If you have additional questions, we are happy to do our best to answer them. Please review these below, and we hope that you find this is a worthy investment not only into Wildheart but also in the future of Allison Hill as she rebuilds.


Your fundraiser says your goal is $50,000. What is the total cost of the property?

The listing price of The Mansion is just $185,000; however in recent conversations with the owners we have learned that we can snag it for just over $100k if we have the CASH! It’s hard to believe, but because of it’s location in a severely dilapidated neighborhood, the price of real estate is extremely low. For instance, across our street you may purchase a 5 bedroom row home for anywhere from $5,000 to $15,000. 

How big is “The Mansion” and what do you use the space for?

Our property is actually comprised of two buildings, the one most featured in our video is “The Mansion.” This building is roughly 10,000 sq ft without counting our basement (which is where our laundry room, storage, freezers, and multiple shop areas are located). The Mansion has three stories containing 12 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms, with the main floor containing our living room, dining room, offices, prayer room and kitchen. The Carriage House is approximately 3,000 sq ft with a basement as well used for storage. This building has 4 studio-style apartments, two spacious hallways as well as a classroom and separated bathroom. In total, it contains 9 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. 

As discussed in the promotional video, most of our space is used to to maximize our efforts here in Allison Hill. From our porch to our living room, from our kitchen to our yard - everything is utilized as a functional space to create and affect change in our neighborhood. As you just read, there are LOTS OF BEDROOMS! When these rooms aren’t occupied by students of programs we host or volunteers staying at our property, they become work spaces for different projects we may be working on to rehabilitate the property or a place where visitors to the area can stay for the night. In all of these cases, people are charged a fee which in turn helps us continue the work which we are accomplishing.

What are your plans for financial stability and the long-term viability of your efforts in Allison Hill?

Perhaps one of the most important things for us is to consider the longevity of what we are doing. We have seen and/or heard of several other organizations who have desired to make an impact in this neighborhood but ultimately leave because of financial hardship or overexertion. We have adapted a model which provides multiple revenue streams to support our efforts so as to not “put all our eggs in one basket.” Here at the property we host programs throughout the year where those participating pay tuition which provides the baseline operational costs. We also host weekly meetings where offerings are collected to advance our efforts. In addition to these, over time we have built up a generous donor base to allow us begin saving towards the purchase of the property and empower us to do more in Allison Hill. Furthermore, we have pioneered several efforts to collaborate with other like-minded organizations, ministries and individuals to share resource in order to reduce the burden of our efforts and maximize our impact. 

These few things have enabled us to grow and establish a firm footing even though we are a young organization. We also promote an entrepreneurial spirit within those serving at Wildheart to pursue ways to support themselves while creating another avenue for provision for our initiatives. 

Do you have any affiliations or ministries that you are connected to which serve as an oversight to what you’re doing?

Although we have several relationships and affiliations in the region, we are most closely connected Life Center ( and Burn 24-7 ( The leadership of both groups have served to counsel, encourage and empower us to make wise choices regarding our efforts as well as support them financially. Wildheart also has a Board of Directors who meet monthly to discuss the financial health, vision and goals of the organization. A list of our board members can be found on our website (

How much money have you already raised/saved towards the purchase of the Mansion?

Before launching this fundraising campaign, we have saved nearly $40,000! This is a combination of our own efforts to save money as well as part of our lease-to-own arrangement that we have been in for the past 3+ years.

Who currently owns the property and what is your arrangement with them?

The Mansion is currently owned by Eastern Mennonite Missions (EMM) which is based in Salunga, PA. They purchased this property in 1994 and established it as the Harrisburg Discipleship Center. It has been an utter privilege to have such a legacy of serving the community already having been created here - we often hear our neighbors tell stories of their time spent here as children!

As previously mentioned, EMM has graciously extended to us the opportunity to have a lease-to-own agreement for the property. Upon moving in, it was made clear on both sides regarding the intention to purchase and they have been more than patient with us as we have been in the process of doing so. This campaign is hopefully our last big push to gather the resources necessary to follow through with those intentions!

What is the condition of the property and what are your plans to maintain it after purchasing?

The property was constructed in 1907 as a home for a prominent attorney, A. Carson Stamm. Over the years it has gone through multiple owners and functions, even being a boarding house at one point in time. EMM has invested extensive work into the property during their ownership period i.e. new roof installation, state-of-the-art sprinkler system, new windows, and much more. Although there are some minor repairs still to be made, the whole property is structurally sound and able to used for all our purposes. 

The maintenance of the building is usually handled by Tannon Herman and others living in the property, but on occasion we have involved volunteer or contracted help with issues that we discover. Most of the notorious unforeseen money-eaters (furnace, roof, doors/windows) are either recently purchased or well-maintained. We have adapted a healthy expectation and budget to compensate for maintenance needs if they arise, and so far have been grateful to not have needed to deplete large amounts of resources to care for the property (thanks EMM!).