Our Core Values


This is a presence-centered lifestyle where everything the believer is and does is founded in an intimate relationship with God. Communion with God is based on the revelation of His unconditional love and passionate pursuit of man. This develops a culture of dependency on God, a life flowing from rest, and a security that we are loved in our weakness. We see Intimacy with God as our highest pursuit and pleasure.


A fellowship of believers unified by and committed to the pursuit of God and love for one another. This is a safe non-judgmental environment where one can be himself and cultivate vulnerability without the fear of being changed by someone.  It is a community that lives in the light, overcomes struggles and fights for one another’s dreams.


It is an environment that empowers the individual to live proactively through self-control, responsibility and freedom of choice.  Inherent in this culture is the belief that fulfilling the great commission and sustaining revival cannot be fully achieved without interdependence and respect for the diversity of the Body of Christ.


This is an approach to life rooted in the goodness of a loving, all-powerful God.  It is where one’s heart is anchored in hope and fully awakened to the endless possibilities that God’s goodness can and will break out at any moment.  This perspective cultivates both creativity and a dreaming heart, which is vital for establishing the Kingdom of God in the earth.


The heart of man is the treasure of the Lord and his desire is to see his people completely healed and established as sons and daughters.  We believe that discipleship is a journey of the heart, which involves renewing the mind, deliverance from strongholds, and inner-healing. The unconditional love experienced through God and covenantal community creates a safe environment for restoration of the heart.


We honor the Word of God as the foundation of truth and the catalyst for personal reformation.  This experiential model of learning incorporates opportunity for the continual application of teachings coupled with group discussion and individual processing time with the Lord.  The end result of this paradigm is to transform the human heart, empower a godly lifestyle, and develop mature ministry skills.


It is a way of life fueled by God’s love, and rooted in the belief that man is a co-laborer with God to see Heaven invade Earth. In this divine partnership it is normal for believers to demonstrate the power of the Gospel by healing the sick, receiving prophetic revelation, casting out demons and seeing the lost come to Christ.  It is a naturally supernatural lifestyle.


The life of Christ empowers the Church to violently advance His Kingdom into all nations of the earth. We believe that the nations are our inheritance and global transformation is achieved through partnership with God in night and day prayer and worship, radical love for humanity and powerful demonstrations of the gospel. We are contending for the church world-wide to be fully awakened to the love of God and to have faith for entire cities to be transformed.