Did you know that Allison Hill is listed as one of the most densely populated neighborhoods in Pennsylvania? This means that more people living within the community, the impact made upon each home directly affects more individuals. Although we LOVE cleaning up the common areas among the neighborhood, our teams have worked to maximize our direct impact on homesas these improvements are significant investments into the long-term beautification process.

Studies have shown that when the curb appeal of a neighborhood undergoes dramatic aesthetic change criminal activity decreases sharply. We have already witnessed this transformation taking place as Harrisburg has seen over a 50% decease in overall crime within the past 5 years. Recently, PennLive released an article observing the homicide rate has been nearly cut in half, even with maps showing that these shootings are no longer taking place within areas we have served! This means very simply that simple investments into improving the homes and streets of this community is literally saving lives!

Our Adopt-A-Home program is very simple - every donation made goes directly towards the improvement of an individual's property (preference given to homeowners). Often times an improvement is as simple as painting or as complex as rebuilding the entire front porch structure! We have teamed up with local contractors who have donated their time to work alongside residents to make these improvements happen. Allison Hill is very much a "porch culture" community. If individuals do not have a safe, comfortable porch attached to their home, they are often isolated from the community. Why? We are a pedestrian community - we walk to work, school, church, the grocery store, etc. Every errand turns into a connection opportunity. Encouraging this type of connection also introduces accountability, a foundational element for crime reduction. 

Perhaps you or your business would like to partner with a member of our community? We also have a special Realtors Partnership Program directly turning a homebuyer experience into one that improves the homes of those living in The Hill. You can learn more about that by clicking HERE! We would love to work with you to empower the residents of this community, serve those struggling to overcome poverty and make a lasting impact on The Hill.