The Reunion, The Invitation

The Reunion, The Invitation

A decade ago, an unlikely band of college students dreamed for a nation set ablaze by the love of God. Zealous passion stirred them to their cause as they piled into a worn down Greyhound bus with one vision in mind - to see heaven invade earth. For weeks they criss-crossed their way through the United States, visiting street corners and pulpits, big cities and rural countrysides. And in each place they sowed a seed of faith in worship and prayer for the dream of revival.

Here we are, ten years later, and those seeds, watered by the YES in their hearts and nurtured by a spirit of faith, have taken root in hundreds of cities across North America and Europe. Young people breaking free from the mundane status quo, embracing the life of the Kingdom, desperate for more of God. It was simple then, and it’s still simple now - we worship, we pray, we see heaven come.

This summer we are inviting you to be part of writing the future of that story, as we celebrate 10 years of sending teams into the nations, hundreds being healed and saved and still thousands more experiencing the presence of God. There is no doubt that revival is sweeping across the nations of the earth, and it is time to make your mark.

Four teams will be launching from the heart of the nation, filled with faith and expectation for the harvest. The sick will be healed. The lost will be found. A nation will know the Lord. The time is now to be a part of what God is doing in the earth, to be who you were created to be. Revival is here, and it’s calling your name.

Will you answer?

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