Promised Land

Promised Land

"Let us not become weary in doing good,

for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up."

Galatians 6:9

I recently had a difficult season where it was very hard to be faithful to what God had called me to do because of accusation and disappointment. We went through a really hard year where it was very difficult to build community, the exact reason why we felt God called us to Harrisburg, PA. It felt like we were sowing tons of seeds, but for some reason, the seeds were not springing up and we had nothing to show for it. Managing a mansion with 20+ people and 15 students was a difficult task, and it felt like the community we were trying to build was falling apart. It was not a safe place, people did not feel connected and everyone seemed to be fighting hopelessness on all fronts. We had many difficult conversations with people in the house, and faced lots of disconnection and discouragement and no matter how hard we tried, it seemed to no avail.

Even friends we had known for years, who knew us and our calling to "build community" started to question if it was even possible. Did we even want to build a community anymore? Were we even capable? We were fighting accusation on all sides and just trying to survive. The enemy wanted to destroy us through this season and ultimately wanted us to give up, but the Lord was using this to test our endurance and faithfulness during hardship.

Would we stand firm in who we are called to be in the midst of barrenness or will we trust in Him and be faithful and obedient to what He called us to do? Will we be confident in who we know we are or will we give into the lies that we are not enough or capable of building community? Our destiny was at stake and we could have easily bowed down for many reasons, but we chose not to. 

In this difficult season, Tannon and I both knew that this was a test. We knew in our hearts that we had a choice, we could give up and forfeit our destiny or we could persevere and see all the dreams and promises come true before our eyes. Will we be faithful and do we really believe that the Lord is faithful? During this challenging season, this song was dropped in my spirit that became an anthem I held onto, an anchor for my soul:

"You never change, Oh God, Your promises stay the same.

Oh, Your constant endurance it heals my heart and it helps me to do the same."

During this trial, God was forming His faithfulness inside me. To be faithful like He is faithful, no matter the circumstances or what people may do, God never changes. It was His faithfulness that I held onto that helped me be faithful to Him and ultimately to my calling. Because of our faithfulness despite great opposition, we started to see fruit. The very things we had sown into the ground began to spring up - and the community we longed to build was now being built around us. If we had given up because we faced opposition, we would have come so close to the promised land, but turned around only feet from it. We too would have been like Moses, only able to see the promised land from afar, but never actually able to taste the fruit of our labor.

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