January Update

January Update
    We are SO excited to see how God is shifting things into a new season here at the Mansion and across Harrisburg!! We hosted the first 9-hour Burn for the past year at the Mansion last Saturday and we were so blessed and encouraged to see many of you there. 

    One of the key words during the Burn was that God is bringing us into a new season but in order to enter in we first must "dust off the book of remembrance," so to speak. We experienced this shift even as we put together the Burn for this month. More people were willing and able to cover slots than we needed and more people showed up than we expected. We believe this year is the beginning of a shift in the city as God begins to draw His church together unlike anything we have ever seen before. We also experienced a sense of home and family during the Burn. We believe that in order to host the coming move of God in this city, the church needs to remember who she is and that can only happen when we come together, embracing each part of the beautiful Body of Christ. 

     We know the Burn is not the answer for Harrisburg - JESUS is. However, we also know that what we do every month is a small expression of what God wants to do across the city. If you want to join us, mark your calendars for February 10th  come join us at the Furnace in Life Center when you can between 10am-7pm!! 

Date: Saturday, February 10th

Time: 10am-7pm 

Location: Furnace at Life Center, 411 S. 40th St. Harrisburg, PA 17111

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