It's Time To Live

All of life begins with a seed planted,
Something small, something significant, something of destiny.
When the Creator formed you, He placed inside of you an object of great value;
There within the recesses of your being, God placed a heart.

You have been planted here in the earth,
Sown into a hostile environment,
Uniquely placed to expand this Kingdom of Life.
To demonstrate a way of life this world has never seen.

But without being rooted in the love of God,
The fruit your life should naturally produce
Will eventually wither and die away.

Planted in the unconditional love of God,
And watered by the covenant of family,
The seed of your identity is able to flourish
As its roots grow deeper and deeper

You see... your life, your dreams, your heart…
They are the very plan of Heaven invading Earth.
So stand up! Awake from your apathy and indifference!
Break free from the “the norm”; push yourself to the limits.
Choose to be courageous; it’s time to live.

To have courage to face your fears; overcome struggles.
Walk in the light and live your wildest dreams.
Let your heart beat with the rhythm of its Creator
As you begin the journey of becoming who you were always meant to be.

It’s time to LIVE!

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